Create new amazon products (ASIN codes)

Amazon has a huge catalog of products, but still not all products available on it. 

This article will cover the steps you need to do if your product is not yet listed on amazon and you need to create a new one. In other words, you will need to request amazon for creating a new ASIN code. 

Please notice that the amazon marketplace required sellers to provide a unique product identifier also known as a bar code or GTIN code. The most common bar codes accepted by amazon is EAN and UPC codes. 

If your product is don't have a GTIN code you will need to request an exemption from amazon to export this product. More details on how this could be activated on amazon and inside our application you can find in this article — How to activate GTIN exemption

For the creation of a new amazon listing, you need to provide amazon classification data for this listing. This includes product title, description, images, conditions, and related attributes based on selected amazon categories and product type.

Filling required information for listing creation could be done inside the Creation Profile. To get a better understanding of how to work with the Creation Profiles please take a look at this article — Creation Profiles

When Creation Profile already created, it should be possible to select it from Amazon Profile.

With a modification of Amazon Profile and selection of Creation Profile, all product details will be extended with extra information from the selected Creation Profile.

This information will be processed by Amazon marketplace and if all data is provided correctly new amazon listing will be created and assigned to seller's Seller Central account.

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