How to create new Amazon listings with variations

If you would like to list the products with variations, it is important to add the Variation Theme in the mapping. The possible options in the Variation Theme depend on the marketplace and the Amazon category.

Select the Variation Theme to list the products with variations

In the next step, you should map the corresponding option from the Shopify product page to use for variations. In our example, we set the Size field to the values from the Shopify product page.

Map the variation label from Shopify to the corresponding field

Depending on the selected Variation Theme and Amazon category, some fields might become required after you start adding the variations. Please check our articles about the required fields for the most common Amazon categories and Product types.

Ensure to add the required fields when you configure the products with variations

Enable variations in the Amazon profile

To create the products with variations, the corresponding option should also be turned on in the Amazon profile. To do so, go to Salestio > Profiles > Amazon profile. Open the existing profile or create a new one. Turn on Product creation and assign the Creation profile.

Put a checkmark on the "Allow variations" field and save the profile.

Enable variations in the Amazon profile

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