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Thank you for your interest in our PrestaShop eBay integration module PrestaBay.

In this section of the site, you can find documentation related to our module.

PrestaBay PrestaShop eBay integration module has a lot of settings and usually required from eBay seller some time to integrate it into it PrestaShop store.

In order to understand how PrestaBay works and the amount of job that needs to be done in your shop, we provide some simple steps that need to be done for integration.

* Purchase and Installation

Initial configuration

  • Download marketplace Information
  • Connect ebay accounts to module 

Working on step 2 usually takes about 15 minutes.

Detailed configuration

This step is more complex and required knowing the specifics of your business.

To send any product on eBay it's required to set a lot of information:

  • What marketplace should be used?
  • What category on eBay needs to be?
  • What shipping & payment methods allowed?
  • What are the title and descriptions of the product will be?
  • What price, the currency for eBay listings?
  • And so on

We understand that setting such information for each PrestaShop product is more than unacceptable. Due to this, we allow seller group settings for a similar product in one place that we named 'Selling Profile'. Each 'Selling Profile' can be applied to any amount of 'Selling List'.

'Selling Profile' contains eBay information for a group of products located on a single eBay category. So if your products are sold in 5 different eBay categories most likely you will need to create 5 different 'Selling Profiles'.

'Selling List' it's a group of PrestaShop products with the same 'Selling Profile'. You possible to select products to 'Selling List' manually or choose category mode and apply all products from some specific PrestaBay category.

So the next steps need to be done during this integration step.

  • Create 'Selling Profile' for each eBay category where you sold your goods. Please notice if you plan to sell in different eBay marketplaces you need to create separate 'Selling Profile' for each marketplace.
  • Create 'Selling Lists', connect it to 'Selling Profile' and choose for it PrestaShop product.

This stage of integration requires a large amount of work. The size of which depends on PrestaShop catalog size.

Configure automatic task

PrestaBay module has a synchronization task that allows performing a number of monotonous work in automatic mode. The task is the following:

  • Synchronize QTY between eBay and PrestaShop
  • Stop eBay Item when the product becomes out of stock in PrestaShop
  • Automatically relist ended items and items that become in stock
  • Automatically change eBay item price when PrestaShop product price changed
  • Import eBay sales as PrestaShop orders

The step that needs to be done at this stage.

  • Configuration cron job to run an automatic job
  • Set required automatic task in the synchronization section

Advanced configuration

PrestaBay module also provides you a possibility to the advanced configuration for product pricing, the price for shipping, and description.

It's possible to create a special "Price Template" that allows you to increase the price for eBay Product depending on PrestaShop Product price. You can read more about such features from the "Price Template" section of our manual.

Another possibility is a flexible Shipping options configuration. Using "Shipping Template" possible to set eBay shipping price based on PrestaShop product weight or price. Also, it's possible to exclude some shipping carriers from eBay when it does not fit the weight condition. More about "Shipping Template" you can read from the manual.

Another advanced possibility that added on PrestaBay version 1.4 is separate "Description Template". Using it you possible to set a special HTML template that will be used to represent your product on eBay. Also on this template build preview possibility that allows you to create an excellent template without a list it to eBay each time. More information for "Description Template" you can find into the related section in our manual

If at any time you have questions or trouble then contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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