Create new Selling Profile

For creating new “Selling Profile” click on the button “New Profile” on page “Catalog—>eBay—>Selling Profiles”

Inside the new page, you will see “Form” with necessary ebay information.

The form contains 8 tabs.

  • General – main information about eBay Product (Marketplace, eBay Category, Auction Type, etc)
  • Product – information related to the product (Title, QTY, Description, etc)
  • Item Specifics – product specifications related to the selected category (Brand, Color, Size, etc…)
  • Price – ebay item selling price and currency (Start Price, Reserve Price, Buy Now Price)
  • eBay Store – eBay Store category selector. Information on this page available only if the eBay account has a store subscription.
  • Payment – list of available payment methods for purchase ebay item
  • Shipping – Domestic and international delivery methods available for ebay buyer
  • Policies – return policy configuration

PrestaShop ebay module — Create new Selling Profile

On the bottom of “Selling Profile“ form located control buttons:

  • Back — Return to Selling Profiles List without saving current changes
  • Reset — reset form changes to last saved values
  • Duplicate — applied to profile edit, create the same new profile without title information.
  • Save & Continue Edit — save the current change and return to the same form
  • Save — save changes and return to available Selling Profiles List

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