Create new Shipping Template

To create new ‘Shipping Template’ navigate throw PrestaShop backend menu: Catalog—>eBay—>Selling Profiles—>Shipping Templates and then click on “New Shipping Template”.

Each ‘Shipping Template’ contains a list of conditions.

Conditions in ‘Shipping Template’ allow you set eBay shipping cost depending on PrestaShop product weight or price.

PrestaShop ebay module — Create new Shipping Template

  • Name — label of shipping template. Only for internal use.
  • Mode — condition mode, possible values “Price” and “Weight”. With a “Price” mode checked PrestaShop product price to match one of the conditions. With a “Weight” mode performed a check for PrestaShop product weight to match one of the conditions.
  • Remove shipping when not in range – option allows excluding shipping method when any of conditions do not match.
  • Add a New Conditions – adding new condition row into template
  • Weight/Price From – the lower range for condition, inclusive
  • Weight/Price To – the upper range for condition, excluding
  • Item cost – eBay shipping cost for the first item
  • Additional Item cost – eBay shipping cost for every additional item

Every created shipping template it could be selected inside "Selling Profile" — "Shipping Tab". This functionality is available only for "Classic way" of defining data.

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