Information about Shipping Templates

“Shipping Template” allows you to create advanced pricing rules for your eBay delivery options. This template allows you to define delivery cost based on PrestaShop product weight or price. Also, you possibly disable some shipping methods when PrestaShop product not feet specific conditions.

List of all available “Shipping Templates” available in backend menu “Catalog—>eBay—>Selling Profiles—>Shipping Templates”

PrestaShop ebay module — Shipping Templates

On this page, you will see all available lists of created shipping templates.

List of all created templates you can find in “Selling Profile: Shipping Tab” as one of option for box “Mode”.PrestaShop ebay module — Shipping Templates

Please notice "Shipping Template" works only for "Classic Way" data defining in "Selling Profiles". This Templates not working with a Business Policy mode. Read more about differences in a Classic Way & Business Policy in the corresponding section of the manual.

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