Store Mapping Profiles [eBay]

Subscribing to an eBay Store is available as an additional package for eBay business sellers. Among other features, it allows eBay sellers to create their own categories in the shop. Usage of Store Mapping Profiles is required only to take advantage of the custom categories.

More information about eBay Store categories can be found on eBay resources.

Similar to Creation Profiles, Store Mapping profiles create a connection between Shopify product types and corresponding custom categories of an eBay Store.

Every Store Mapping Profile is based on the selected eBay account. Each eBay account can only have one eBay Store shared across all marketplaces.

Create a Store Mapping Profile

To create a new Store Mapping Profile, navigate to Salestio > eBay > Profiles > Store mapping profiles > Add Store mapping profile.

Name - only used to distinguish among other profiles.

Ebay account - select an eBay account that is connected to Salestio. Store categories will be pulled from the selected account.

Highlighted in red, all products in the Shopify store that are located in Collection: “All Cottons”, will appear under the Ebay Store category: “Salestio Software > Shopify > Basic”

Highlighted in green, all products with Type “women’s dresses” OR “Womens Pants” will appear in the eBay Store Primary category “Salestio Software > Shopify > Premium” and Secondary category “PrestaShop Integration”

Create new mapping

Each mapping should use a unique set of Conditions. For example, if you want to sell Fine Earrings made from various metal types, creating 2 or more mappings with the Condition 'Product Types equals Earring' would not work for you, as it can be added only once. In such cases, you might consider adding tags to your Shopify product pages to create Collections. They might be 'Gold' and 'Silver' in the case of Jewelry. So, the correct mappings here might be 'Product Type equals Earring AND Collection equals Gold', 'Product Type equals Earring AND Collection equal Silver'. The same might be added for rings, necklaces, and bracelets. This is an example of Jewelry. Depending on what products you want to sell on eBay, Product Types, Collections, tags, and sets of conditions will vary.

After setting conditions for Shopify products, select the corresponding eBay Store category. If new eBay Store categories were created in eBay UI - click Refresh Categories, so they can be selected for the new mapping.

Click Add new mapping for it to appear in the list. Multiple mappings can be added.

After adding all mappings click Save changes to create the new Store Mapping Profile.

Use the Store Mapping Profile

To make use of the feature, go back to eBay Profile, enable Allow Store Mapping, and select the new profile.

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