Creation Profiles

Creation Profiles inside the Shopify eBay Integration is a way to create and extend eBay listing information with extra details and place the product into the correct Category on the eBay marketplace. The Creation Profiles is required to list your Shopify items on the eBay marketplace.

Every Creation Profile is created independently from the eBay account and is based on the selected marketplace. If you use Salestio to connect to multiple eBay accounts, the same Creation profile might be used to export Shopify products to different eBay accounts. 

Creation Profile is a required field to add an eBay Profile. It means that the Creation Profile should be added prior to creating a corresponding eBay profile. To make the connection between an eBay Profile and a Creation Profile, the marketplaces on both profiles should match.

Creation Profiles is located along with other profiles and can be accessed via the main menu and the Creation Profiles tab. To start adding a Creation Profile, click the 'Add Creation Profile' link.

Every Creation profile is created for a single eBay marketplace. If you would like to create listings on multiple eBay marketplaces, you should create a separate Creation profile for each marketplace.

Start by entering a name for your Creation Profile, so that you could recognize it among other Creation Profiles.

Then you should select the marketplace. Remember: the marketplace should be the same as on the correspondent eBay profile. Otherwise, this Creation Profile will not be displayed when selecting a Creation Profile on the Add eBay Profile form.

The next field is Product Title. This is a preselected field, and it is taken from the Shopify product page. The eBay product title will be displayed exactly as on your Shopify product page. Please make sure to add descriptive titles for your Shopify products.

At this point, you will not be able to save the Creation Profile as no mapping has not yet been added to this Creation Profile. Remember to go back to the 'Create profile' button after at least one mapping is added.

The main purpose of the Creation Profile is to tell under what Category your Shopify products should be listed. Salestio uses mapping to connect Shopify product types with the correspondent eBay categories and their attributes.

To start adding a new mapping, please select the mapping condition that will be applied to identify the products in your Shopify store. The easiest way is to set the condition field to a Product Type. In this case, Salestio will use the Product Type field from your Shopify product page. You can select multiple conditions.

Each mapping should use a unique set of Conditions. For example, if you want to sell Fine Earrings made from various metal types, creating 2 or more mapping with the Condition 'Product Types equals Earring' would not work for you, as it can be added only once. In such cases, you might consider adding tags to your Shopify product pages to create Collections. They might be 'Gold' and 'Silver' in the case of Jewelry. So, the correct mappings here might be 'Product Type equals Earring AND Collection equals Gold', 'Product Type equals Earring AND Collection equal Silver'. The same might be added for rings, necklaces, bracelets. This is an example of Jewelry. Depending on what products you want to sell on eBay, Product Types, Collections, tags, and sets of conditions will vary.

After the mapping condition is added, you can proceed to select eBay Categories. The displayed Categories might vary depending on the selected marketplace. The categories are displayed in the default language of the selected marketplace. This is an example of how Jewelry can be set for the 'Germany' marketplace.

Once the Category is selected, the additional fields will be shown. Salestio shows the required fields by highlighting them in red. As for the Jewelry category, the required fields are Condition and Brand. The Condition field is shown as required almost for all categories on eBay. As well as the Brand field. All other fields are Category-specific and allow you to add extra information about the product.

After you add all the needed fields to the mapping, click the 'Add new mapping' button.

When a new mapping is created, you will see it as a separate block in the Creation Profile. You can go to the needed mapping and edit or delete it. You can edit all the required and optional fields. You will not be able to edit the Category at this point. If you would like to assign a different Category to this set of Products, you would need to create a new mapping, and delete the unneeded mapping.

Once all needed mappings are added, remember to save the Creation Profile. To do so, just click the 'Add Profile' button, or the 'Save Changes' button if you are at the point of editing the Creation Profile.

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