eBay Profiles

eBay Profile contains settings related to the eBay connection. To create a new eBay Profile, navigate to the 'Profiles' menu, switch to the 'eBay Profiles' tab, and click the 'Add eBay Profile' button.

  • Name — the name of the eBay profile and how it will be represented across Salestio. Please enter the name that could help you identify this eBay profile among others.
  • Marketplace — eBay marketplace. This field is required to correctly show available eBay categories, shipping methods, payment methods, and return policy.
  • Listing Type  — defines a price mode that will be used to sell the item on eBay. There are 2 options.      
    • Fixed Price — this format sets the exact price that buyer will need to pay for this item. Can be purchased immediately. If this format is selected, the price displayed on eBay equals the price on Shopify if nothing else is specified in the Global profile.
    • Auction — this format allows buyers to compete for your product. The Starting Price equals the Shopify price unless anything else is specified through the Global Profile. 
  • Buy Now Price Ratio  — the ratio that allows a user to purchase the item at a fixed price and end the auction immediately. Available for the Auction Listing Type.
  • Reserve Price Ratio  — the ratio that defines the lowest price at which the seller is willing to sell the item. Available for the Auction Listing Type.
  • Listing Duration  — the length of time the product is shown on eBay. Values depend on the Listing Type.      
    • 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 days — can be selected for the 'Auction' Listing Type.
    • GTC (Good Till Canceled) — works for the 'Fixed Price' Listing Type.
  • Listing Duration — the length of time the product is shown on eBay. Values depend on the Listing Type.
  • Creating Profile — the set of rules to extend the Shopify product with extra details. Only those Creation Profiles are displayed which correspond to the selected marketplace.

    Important! Creation Profile should be created prior to adding the eBay profile.

  • Send the product with variation — eBay forbids variations for some categories. Uncheck this option to split every product variation into standalone eBay listings.

  • Use Inventory Api — allows managing listings created with the legacy eBay app. See this article for more details.
  • Product Identify exemption — allows sending products with the Product identity exemption.
  • Number of Images — allows selecting the number of images displayed on the eBay product page.
  • Gallery Type  — defines how the images are displayed on the eBay product page.  
    • Gallery — allows viewing a collection of photos at a given time, a regular view.
    • Plus — allows displaying an enlarged icon right below your Gallery image on search results pages.
  • Photo Display  — additional enhancement for eBay item image.    
    • None — no extra enhancement.
    • Picture Pack — displays a number of images at once.
    • Super Size —  activates “zoom” for the image.
  • VAT — VAT Percentage applied to eBay listings. You need to have a VAT-ID registered with eBay and the marketplace needs to be VAT-enabled.
  • Ebay Plus — if you are offering eBay Plus benefits with the products, such as fast shipping, free returns, and discounts, enable this option. This will mark the products as ones that meet eBay Plus criteria. Learn more about selling with eBay Plus.
  • Best Offer — When you add the Best Offer option to your eBay listings, you’re inviting buyers to negotiate with you. After a buyer makes an offer, you can choose to accept, decline, or make a counteroffer. Remember to specify Minimum Price Offer and Auto Accept Offer Price for the best experience.
  • Allow links in Ebay product description — disable this option for the links in product descriptions to become inactive.

  • Shipping From Country — sets the country from where the item will be shipped.
  • Shipping From Location — sets the exact location from where the item will be shipped.
  • Dimension Depth — a product depth that helps calculate the shipping fee.
  • Dimension Height — a product height that helps calculate the shipping fee.
  • Dimension Width — a product width that helps calculate the shipping fee.
  • Weight — a product weight that helps calculate the shipping fee. If left empty, Salestio will use the weight from the Shopify product page.
  • Weight Unit — specifies the unit for the "Weight" field (ounce, kilogram, etc.).

When all is set, just click the 'Add Profile' button. After that, this eBay Profile will be displayed in the list of eBay Profiles and it will be possible to select it when creating a new Selling List or configuring an existing one.

Specifying Ebay profile in the Selling List

It is possible to configure the above settings for a given Selling List without creating a separate Ebay profile. When creating or configuring a Selling List, select "Don't use saved Template" in the Ebay Selling Profile. New fields will appear:

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