Currency Conversion

When exporting Shopify products to Amazon, you might come across the case when currency on Shopify is different from the currency on the Amazon marketplace. Salestio easily handles this.

Salestio performs currency conversion according to the official currency exchange rate.

Selling Lists display the currency corresponding to the currency of the targeted Amazon marketplace. If you sell on multiple marketplaces, you should create a separate Selling List for each marketplace. For more information on Selling Lists, please refer to this article.

In the example below, the currency on Shopify is EUR. The targeted Amazon marketplace is the United Kingdom. Therefore, the currency shown in the Selling List is GBP.

Salestio allows you to set a custom price for a set of your products. It can be done in Global Profile. You can set the Price Mode to Custom and define the price. You can find more details on Global Profile in our support article. 

When you set a custom price, you define only numbers. It is important to know that the actual currency is defined by the selected marketplace

For example, you sell products on Amazon UK and Amazon DE, and you set Price Value to 50 in Custom Price Mode. The same Global Profile is used in the Selling Lists for both marketplaces.
As a result, the products in the Selling List targeted to the UK will take the price of £50.00, and the products in the Selling List targeted to DE will take the price of €50.00.

Another important point to understand is how currency conversion in Salestio works when importing Amazon orders.

Salestio does not perform any currency conversion when importing orders.

Salestio will show the exact price and currency from Amazon on the imported orders, even when the currency is different from the currency on your Shopify store. For example, if an Amazon order comes from Amazon FR, or Amazon ES as on the screenshot, and your Shopify store currency is GBP, Salestio will show the exact price and currency from the corresponding marketplace. In this case, it is EUR.

For more information about Orders Import, please refer to the following support articles — Amazon Orders.

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