Price Synchronisation [Amazon]

When a Shopify product is linked to an Amazon listing, prices are synced automatically. It means that every time the price for the Shopify product is updated, Salestio will also update the price for the Amazon listing.

After the initial connection between the products on Shopify and Amazon is established, it is possible to disable future price updates on Amazon. To do this, please follow the next steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings page is Salestio. 
  2. Select the needed Amazon account.
  3. Uncheck the 'Update Amazon Item Price when it has changed in Shopify'.
  4. Hit the 'Save Changes' button.

Salestio allows setting custom prices for the selected Shopify products that are sent to Amazon. This configuration is set through the Global Profile. Please refer to the following support article to read more about the Global Profile in Salestio.

This article explains how you can set and make use of Price Mode and Price Ratio in Global Profile. These two settings are described below.

  • Price Mode can be the same as Product and Custom.

Product Price Mode is selected by default. It means that the product will be exported to Amazon at the exact same price as on Shopify. For example, if you sell a yoga mat for $20.00 on Shopify, the same price will appear for this Amazon listing.

With Custom Price Mode, you can set the price that you want for the set of products added to the Selling List. For example, if you want to create a list with the Sale for $5.00, you can set the Custom Price Value to $5.00. It means that all products added to the Selling List that uses this Global Profile will be sold on Amazon at a price of $5.00.

Currency of the Price Value in Custom Prime Mode depends on the currency of the targeted marketplace.

Custom mode sets the same price for all products

Price Template allows to set complex rules for making pricing. Please refer to the Price Templates article to set up such a template. Any of the Price templates created previously can be selected in the box that appears.

Remember to pick your desired template in the Price Template mode
  • Price Ratio defines the percentage to increase or decrease the product price on Amazon.

It can be useful if you want to define the specific value to which the end price will be increased or decreased. The Price Ratio should be a decimal number. By default, it is set to 1. It means that the price on Amazon will be exactly the same as on Shopify.

If you want the price on Amazon to be higher than on Shopify, the value should be set to more than '1'. For example, if you want to increase the price on Amazon by 50%, you should set the Price Ratio to 1.50. If you want to lower the price on Amazon in case of any discount or sale, you should set the Price Ratio to less than '1'. For example, you want to set a 20% discount for the selected set of products. In this case, you need to set the Product Ratio to 0.80, which is 0.2 (20%) less than 1.

To apply the Global Profile settings to the Selling products, you should add those products to the Selling List that uses the needed Global Profile settings. If you want to apply different price configurations to the various groups of products, you should create a separate Selling List with the specific Global Profile.

For example, if you want to sell pants with the 20% increased price on Amazon, and shorts with the 10% increased price, you should create 2 Selling Lists. One Selling List will use the Global Profile with Product Ratio 1.2, and the second Selling List will use the Global Profile with Product Ratio 1.1.

Important! There might be the case when the Shopify products have already been linked to the Amazon items with the Default Global Profile, and you want to set custom prices for these products. In this case, you will need to run the Price update manually.

You should follow the next steps to update the Selling List with a new Global Profile and run a Price update.

  1.   Go to the Selling List you want to modify, and click the 'Edit' link at the end of the Selling List row.

  2. Scroll to the Global Profile section, select the needed Global Profile and save the Selling List.

  3. Open this Selling List, select the needed Products, hit the 'More Actions' button, and select 'Update Price'. The status will change to 'Pending Price Update'.

  4. Give Salestio about 5 mins to update the price and the status will be changed back to 'Linked'.

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