Price Templates [Amazon]

Salestio allows flexible price settings when syncing products from Shopify to Amazon. Using Price templates is one possible way to set custom prices. 

More information on other ways to set Amazon prices are in the following articles: Global Profiles, Price Synchronization

Price Templates in Salestio allow setting specific rules for all prices or for the prices within the specified range.

Add Price Template

To add, edit, and view the Price templates, navigate to Salestio > Profiles > Price templates. All added templates will be displayed on this page. Click the "Add Price Template" link. 

Start with giving a name to your Price template. It could anything that will help you identify the template by its name. For example, "Prices +10".

In the next step, select the Condition. There are 2 possible options:

  • Any. The specified rule will be applied to all prices of the products assigned to this Price template. 
  • In range. You can set the price range where the price rules will be applied. 

    Note: You can add multiple ranges to one Price template. 

Then, you should select how the price will be calculated. There are also 2 possible options. 

  • Template based. The price will be taken from the Shopify product with the current template settings applied.
  • Custom. You can add the custom value that will be applied regardless of the Shopify product price.

Then, you can add the actual coefficient. You can put any formula that will work for you best. You can even set more complex calculations instead of one action.

You can add regular values. Here are some examples:

  • x2, x1.5
  • +2, +10
  • x1.2 +3

After you are done, remember to save the Price template.

Configure Global Profile

In the next step, you should assign the created Price Template to the Global Profile. To do so, navigate to Saletio > Profiles > Global Profile. You can add a new profile or you can modify an existing one.

Set the Price Mode to the "Price template" and add select the newly created template.

Save the profile and make sure it is assigned to the needed Selling List. 

Note! If the products have already been listed from the Selling List, you will need to run the Update Price action to update the current prices.

Currency Questions

If the target marketplace currency is different from the Shopify store, please keep in mind that the numbers in the Price templates are added to the Shopify store currency. See the examples below.

Shopify price = €15.00

Price template coefficient = (x2)

Amazon price = €30.00 (for EU marketplaces)

Shopify price = €15.00

Price template coefficient = (+5)

Amazon price = €20.00 (for EU marketplaces)

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