​Tax and VAT support for ebay order import

PrestaShop eBay module supports different modes of importing tax and VAT for ebay orders.

In default mode, the module tries to fetch tax details from ebay order and apply it to the PrestaShop order.  This way is working when you define tax configuration for ebay listings. As an example of EU marketplaces, you can set VAT percent inside Selling Profile. 

In case when tax and VAT are not defined for ebay items inside ebay order, the module will try to import module without assign tax information. So you will see the correct invoice with 0% tax value for items and shipping.

The behavior of importing order tax could be adjusted via advanced configuration.

There few ways of doing this.

Use fixed tax percentage 

If all of your ebay items are subject to fixed tax percentage it's possible to set a fixed tax percentage without requirements to set vat percentage inside Selling Profile.

As an example if we sell our products with VAT rate of 19% for items and shipping, the configuration needs to be set like this.

  • Please navigate to page Catalog>ebay>Configuration>Variables
  • Set value "19" for fields "INVEBAY_ORDER_TAX" and "INVEBAY_ORDER_SHIPPING_TAX"
  • "Save and Return" to the previous page

Use TAX configuration from PrestaShop product

If your PrestaShop products could have a different tax percentage it's possible to activate mode where tax percentage is fetched from PrestaShop product. 

In this case, importing ebay order will fetching tax percentage from the PrestaShop product and will apply it during import. 

For activating this module please do the following:

  • Please navigate to page Catalog>ebay>Configuration>Variables
  • Set "1" for field "INVEBAY_TAX_IMPORT"
  • Click "Save and Return" button

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