Order Synchronizations Options

PrestaShop ebay module — Order Synchronizations Options

Order section represents all configuration settings connected to importing ebay sales into PrestaShop as Orders.

  • Import ebay Orders — main settings that activate/deactivate orders import functionality. Enabling option make import all ebay orders into Catalog—>ebay—>Orders section.
  • Create PrestaShop Order for PrestaBay Listings — all ebay sales with ebay items created by PrestaBay, module will be create order in PrestaShop Order section.
  • Create PrestaShop Order by matching SKU ⇔ Reference — enabling option allow find corresponding PrestaShop product  by matching ebay item SKU.
  • Create PrestaShop Order before eBay Payment — when this option is enabled order imported immediately after eBay purchase. This option could be result with incorrect data in shipping, payment and item cost
  • After purchase decrease Product QTY, create order after eBay Payment — reserve QTY for a purchased item in PrestaShop, as soon as ebay customer finish payment release a reserve and import PrestaShop Order. Please notice: this is an experimental functionality that can cause issues in stock level synchronization.

PrestaShop ebay module — Order Synchronizations Options

  • Order status mapping section — section of settings that represent the connection between PrestaShop Order Statuses and ebay Order statuses. Please notice this connection will be used to update ebay order status after status of PrestaShop order changed.

Handle Order Status & Tracking updates

PrestaBay module correctly handles updating the status of PrestaShop Order and transferring this update to ebay order. And vise versa.

Example. New ebay order imported into PrestaShop with status “Awaiting PayPal payment”. After some time buyer pay for the item via PayPal and ebay order is become paid. On next synchronization module, download order status update and modify PrestaShop order status of “Payment Completed”. As soon as Order get shipped and status of PrestaShop order changed to “Shipped” — module will send order status update to ebay and buyer will see an update.

Same behavior will happen if you put “Tracking Number” inside PrestaShop order. This number will be also transferred to connected ebay order.

Please notice! Module support standard status update via the PrestaShop back-office interface. If you are using an external tool for manage orders please contact us for a possible solution.

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