Required fields for the Product Type: Shirt

Below, you can find the list of the required fields for creating a new product on Amazon for the category

Clothing > Women > Tops, T-Shirts & Blouses > Long Sleeve Tops, and the Product Type: Shirt.

Please note that the same Product types can be applicable to multiple Amazon categories. For example, the same required fields will also work for Men's Shirts, Kids' Shirts, and Activewear Shirts.

The required fields might vary a bit depending on the selected marketplace.

  • Collar style;
  • Model name;
  • Manufacturer;
  • Skip offer;
  • Condition type;
  • Gift options;
  • Generic keyword;
  • Lifestyle;
  • Style;
  • Department;
  • Target gender;
  • Agee range description;
  • Size system;
  • Size class;
  • Size;
  • Body type;
  • Height type;
  • Fabric type;
  • Item type name;
  • Water resistance level;
  • Special size type;
  • Color;
  • Fit type;
  • Weave type;
  • Care instructions;
  • Is autographed;
  • Back;
  • Neck;
  • Top style;
  • Sleeve;
  • Country of origin;
  • Dangerous Goods Regulation
  • Outer material.

With a Salestio New Amazon Creation Form these required fields can be configured using data from Shopify products. In this case, transferring data from Shopify products to Amazon will work for all products within this mapping.

Another option is to configure the metafields on Shopify and use them for these fields. Detailed information on using Metafields can be found in this article — How to use Shopify Metafields

To obtain a clear overview of the required fields for the needed category and product type create a listing directly from your Seller Central account.

To do so, go to Seller Central > Catalog > Add products. Click the "I am adding a product not sold on Amazon" link below the Search field.

Give a name to the item and select the Product type. You will be presented with a form to add product data. All fields highlighted in red should be filled in. These are the fields that you add in the mapping in the Creation profile.

The required fields are highlighted in red when creating a product directly on Seller Central

Variation details in the Women's Clothing Amazon category

If you are creating a listing that contains variation details, it's important to provide correct values for required fields in every individual listing combined into variation.

A detailed overview of creating listings with Variation can be found in the dedicated article - Create Amazon Listings with Variation

Please pay attention to the fields "Variation Theme" and all required attributes needed to write.

As one example for the UK marketplace, you can use the following structure

Variation Theme: Size

Apparel Size System: UK

Apparel Size Class: Alpha

Apparel Size Value: [Depend on your product should be matched to product]

Apparel Size Body Type: Regular

Apparel Size Height Type: Regular

Amazon is very strict with the creation of variation data in clothing, so it requires accurate matching to data of your product and amazon requirements.

The best way to see amazon requirements is also to use the Amazon Product creation form. With the form of creating Variation details check what fields are expected by amazon for specific category type.

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