eBay Settings

Salestio allows adding multiple eBay accounts. That is why some of the settings are specific to the selected eBay account. 

eBay Accounts settings are not available till you add at least one eBay account to Salestio. You can do so under Salestio > Accounts or by clicking the "Plus" icon in front of "eBay accounts" from the Salestio > Settings page.

Once the eBay account is connected to Salestio, you can configure the specific settings. To do so, go to Salestio > Settings and switch to the added eBay account tab from the left side menu.

eBay Order Import

Available option:

  • Import eBay Orders to Shopify

This option is selected by default. The orders are starting importing from the date you connect your account to Salestio. 

You can uncheck the option if you would like to stop importing eBay orders to Shopify. Please note that the orders are still imported to Salestio. However, they are not created in Shopify. You can manually trigger order creation in Shopify from the Salestio Orders details page. You can find more information in the following article on how to view eBay orders in Salestio.

Remember to click the Save button after you update the Settings.

Item Synchronization

Salestio allows users to choose the behavior of published eBay listings after the item is stopped via the Selling List in Salestio.

  • Choose behavior when the item stops. Available options:
    • Stop listing (Recommended) — the items will be stopped on eBay.
    • Remain listing active but drop connection from Salestio — the items remain active on eBay but it is no longer connected via Salestio. Any product quantity and price updates will not be reflected on eBay.

Please keep in mind that the behavior refers to both cases, when items are stopped manually from the Selling Lists and when the items are stopped automatically. The items are stopped automatically when they are removed from the Selling List. In the Product mode, you can remove them manually. In the Collection mode, the items are getting removed when the Collection is changed or removed. 

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