eBay Orders Overview in Salestio

Salestio — Amazon & eBay integration has a feature that allows you to track all your eBay sales. Salestio imports the orders directly to the Shopify Order section. Then they can be processed as a normal on-site sale.

A list of all eBay Sales is located under the 'Orders' menu. 

Please note that information is displayed here only after adding the eBay account to Salestio.

If your eBay account includes orders, they will be imported to Salestio and shown inside the Orders section.

  • eBay order identification number followed by the recent order update date
  • Buyer Name — the name of the eBay order buyer
  • Order Cost — total cost of the eBay order including shipping
  • Status — Status of the eBay order. The order status can be one of the following
    • Paid — the order is paid on eBay and the order can be fulfilled
    • Shipped — the order is shipped to the customer 
    • Incomplete — the order is not yet completed on eBay. You should wait for the shipment of the order before it is finalized and paid on eBay
    • Refunded — the order is canceled/refunded
    • Partially Shipped — the order contains multiple items, some of the items have not yet been shipped
  • View on Shopify — if the order is created in Shopify already, click this link to open its page

To view eBay order details imported into the application, please click on the row containing this order. 

Search and Filtering in Salestio Orders

Salestio allows searching and filtering the imported eBay orders. To locate the needed order, copy and paste the eBay order ID and click the Filter button.

The search option works great when you know the exact order ID you are trying to find. However, you might not know the specific order ID but you still want to narrow down the displayed results. In this case, various filtering options in Salestio work well.

You can filter orders by their statuses. It is useful when you want to locate the orders that have not been fulfilled yet. In this case, the status is displayed as Paid. So, you can just filter out the products with the Paid status. You can also filter by any other statuses depending on your business needs. To display the results, click the Order status, check the needed status option and click "Filter".

Another important option is to filter eBay orders by their imported to Shopify statuses. 

Sometimes eBay orders are not getting imported to Shopify despite being imported to Salestio. It might happen for various reasons. For example, Shopify products are out of stock or the particular item from the order cannot be found in the Shopify store.

Surely, you can always run a search when you have a specific order ID to reveal more info about such orders. With this new functionality in Salestio, you can check right from the app which orders were not imported to Shopify.

To do so, go to Salestio > Orders. Click the Import status filter, select "Not imported" and click Filter.

Not imported to Shopify order will be displayed. From there, you can go ahead and open orders to find more info on why they were not imported.

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