SKU doesn't match any ASINs

SKU awesome-belt, Missing Attributes product_type. SKU awesome-belt doesn't match any ASINs. Make sure that all standard product ids (such as UPC, ISBN, EAN, or JAN codes) are correct. To create a new ASIN, include the following attributes: product_type. Feed ID: 0. For more troubleshooting help, see

This error means that the product you are trying to export to Amazon has not yet been added to the Amazon catalog. When the product has not yet been known to Amazon, Amazon requires you to provide additional details about the product.

Please refer to the following article for more information — Create new ASIN codes (new products).

Note! This exact error refers to the product_type attribute. A similar error might appear for other attributes like the size depending on your product type and the required fields for the selected Amazon marketplace.

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