Business Policy information

Business policies are the payment, shipping and return details you specify for buyers in your listings.

Payment policies are where you specify how buyers can pay you - through PayPal, for instance.

Shipping policies are where you specify your dispatch time, the delivery services you offer, and P&P costs.

Returns policies are where you specify whether or not you accept returns. If you do accept returns, include how long a buyer has to return an item and who pays for return postage.

PrestaBay module supports selecting Business Policy inside Selling Profile. Edit “Business Policy” currently not supported by the module.

In order to create new Business Policy or modify existing one, please open your ebay account and navigate to Business Policy section.

In Selling Profile for sections "Payment", "Shipping", "Return Policy" you can select one of already created Business Policy.

If you decided to use Business Policy for one of the section, please notice that you need to use it also for other sections.

Ebay does not allow using mix selection. For example, if you select Business Policy (BP) in the Payment section you "must" select BP in Shipping section and also in the "Return Policy" section. If you try to mix data ebay can respond with the error like "Internal Error to Application".

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