Information about Orders

PrestaBay module has a feature that allows you to track all your ebay sales and also import it back to the PrestaShop Order section to process as a normal on-site sale.

Importing ebay Orders is directly connected to the configuration of Automatic Synchronization and especially for “Order Synchronization configuration”

All ebay orders could be found under menu "Catalog—>ebay—>Orders"PrestaShop ebay module — Orders

On this page, you can find the following information:

  • Order # — ebay order identifier
  • Presta — show a PrestaShop order ID when an order has been imported. Clicking on this import show your PrestaShop Order.
  • Items — display a list of items that appear in the current order. In the additional show "Sales Record Number" that allow clearly identify ebay transaction.
  • Total — total order price with currency code (including shipping cost and tax)
  • Buyer Name — the name of ebay item buyer
  • Status — current status of eBay order
  • Incomplete – eBay buyers don’t complete checkout, not select payment and shipping methods. In this stage, the order is not finished and information about the buyer, shipping cost, items cost could change.
  • Awaiting Payment – eBay buyer complete checkout but still not pay for the item. Information about shipping, the cost will remain unchanged.
  • Payment Problem – eBay buyer complete checkout and pay for the item but payment not received by the seller (for example wrong PayPal address)
  • Awaiting Shipment — eBay buyer complete checkout, pay for an item, and wait when an item will be shipped.
  • Shipping Problem – some problems during shipment of the item.
  • Paid and Shipped – order is fully processed. Customer pay for item and item was shipped by the seller.
  • Refund — order was canceled and the buyer receives a Refund.
  • Date — Date and Time when sales happened on eBay

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