Error: Marketplace Oh dear, you cannot sell this item on Etsy.

Etsy works on the principle of sale of handmade items, crafts, or vintage products. Therefore, Etsy makes sure that the item you are listing is in line with its principle.

Based on the information you provided in the Creation profile, namely the combination of "Who made it", "When made it" and "What is it", Etsy might decide that the products you want to sell, do not fall into one of the below-listed categories.

  • Handmade Items (stuff done by yourself or somebody in your company).
  • Craft Supplies, components, materials, or tools that people may use to make their creations
  • Vintage Goods (20 years old or more).

The following combinations of "Who made it", "When made it" and "What is it" can throw this error.

  1. If you choose to want to sell a vintage item but "When made it" is less than 20 years, or if you put "I did" to the "Who made it" field.
  2. If you put "Another company or person" in the "Who made it" field and put "A finished product" instead of "A supply or tool to make things" in the "What is it" field. Etsy expects you to make your items yourself, except when it's a supply or craft tool.
  3. When you choose a supply or craft tool category for your item, and still indicate it as "A finished product" in the "What is it" field.
  4. If you indicate "Who made it" as "Another company or person" and "When make it" as "Made to order". Since Etsy presuppose that the items are made by you by a member of your shop, you cannot put "Made to order" for another company or person.

After you add the correct combination of these fields in the Creation profile, save the changes and send the products to Etsy one more time.

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