Manage Selling List [Etsy]

To manage the existing Selling List please open Salestio from the Shopify admin page and navigate to the Selling List menu. Then you should click the 'View' button next close to the Selling List you want to modify.

You are also redirected to this page after creating a new Selling List.

Every Selling List includes the list of Shopify products and the information about their status on Etsy.

Please note that the 'Add Products' button on this page is available only if the Selling List is in the 'Products' mode. If the selling list is in the 'Collections' mode, this button will not be available. The only way to change the list of available products is to update the list of connected collections.

Available columns for products in the Selling List table:
  • Product — Product name, list of possible warnings, and errors when available.
  • Options list — list of various options available in specific products
  • Status — current status of the Selling List product variant. Based on the status, various actions can be taken on the item. Below is the list of available:
    • Not Linked — the item in the Selling List is not linked to the Etsy item. To successfully link the item, it is required to set the proper Category mapping in the Creation Profile. The only action available with this item is “Send to Etsy”
    • Linked — the item in the Selling List is connected to an Etsy item. The possible action is 'Update'
    • Linking Error — linking operation failed with an error. Detailed information about the error can be found in the Logs. The action available in this state is "Send to Etsy"
    • Pending Linking — it is an active but not completed operation of the connection of the Selling List Product to the Tsy Item. All actions in the state are blocked. 
  • Variation status — Price, QTY, and publishing status information about specific variation items.
  • Action buttons —  the 'Logs' button allows you to check the detailed log for a specific product (including all variations)
Information about the required details for Shopify Products:
  • SKU — Shopify product variant SKU data.  It is exported to Etsy as an Etsyitem SKU.
  • Creation Profile — the rules to place the Shopify product in the needed Etsy category. Contains information about the required and optional fields.

Bulk actions with Selling List products

When one or a few products in the Selling list are selected, it is possible to run a bulk operation with the selected items.

Here is the list of the available bulk operations:
  • Send to Etsy — sends to Etsy all products from the selected Selling Lists, that have not yet been exported to Etsy. The operation can be performed only with 'Not Active', 'Stopped', or 'Error' Items.
  • Update QTY & Price — Sends only stock and price information from Shopify to Etsy.
  • Update — updates all information about the Etsy items (including description, payment/shipping methods, etc).
  • Remove — deletes the item from the Selling List.

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