Configure Etsy listing attributes in the Creation Profiles

Creation Profiles inside the Shopify Etsy Integration is a way to create and extend Etsy listing information with extra details and place the product into the correct Category on the Etsy marketplace. The Creation Profiles is required to list your Shopify items on the Etsy marketplace.

Every Creation Profile is created independently from the Etsy account. If you use Salestio to connect to multiple Etsy accounts, the same Creation profile might be used to export Shopify products to different Etsy accounts. 

Creation Profile is a required field to add in the Selling List settings to allow Product Creation. It means that the Creation Profile should be added prior to creating a Selling List.

To add the Creation Profile, go to Salestio > Profiles > Creation profile. To start adding a Creation Profile, click the 'Add Creation Profile' link.

The first part of the Creation profile relates to all mappings within this profile. You can add multiple mappings to one Creation profile. The added fields from the top of the form will be applied to all mappings. 

  • Name of the Creation profile — the name of the Creation profile, and how it will be represented across the application. A good practice is to use the name of the selected collection (s), or some specific setting. The main thing is that the name is descriptive enough for you to recognize what's inside.
  • Type — you can list the following product types on Etsy: Physical, Download, Both 

The fields "Who made it", "When make it", and "What is it" are the so-called Marketplace Attributes that help buyers locate a Listing under the headings Handmade, Vintage, and Supplies. When creating new Listings, these parameters are required. 

  • When made — indicates the era in which the maker made the product in this listing. Helps buyers locate the listing under the Vintage heading. Available options: Made to order and Year ranges
  • Who made —  indicates who made the product. Helps buyers locate the listing under the Handmade heading. Available options: I did, Someone else, and Collective.
  • What is it — "A supply or tool to make things" should be selected if you sell tools, ingredients, or materials whose primary purpose is for the creation of an item or special occasion. If selected, tags the listing as a supply product, else indicates that it's a finished product. Helps buyers locate the listing under the Supplies heading.
  • Tags — helps buyers to find the item through the search engine. Add new tags with the plus button.
  • Materials — similar to tags. Indicates the materials from which the product is made.
  • Automatically truncate long titles — titles are limited to 140 characters on Etsy. The items with longer titles cannot be listed. If selected, Salestio automatically cuts the titles to 140 characters if there are more. 

The main purpose of the Creation Profile is to tell under what Category your Shopify products should be listed. Salestio uses mapping to connect Shopify product types with the correspondent Etsy categories and their attributes.

To start adding a new mapping, please select the mapping condition that will be applied to identify the products in your Shopify store. The easiest way is to set the condition field to a Product Type. In this case, Salestio will use the Product Type field from your Shopify product page. You can select multiple conditions.

Each mapping should use a unique set of Conditions. For example, if you want to sell Fine Earrings made from various metal types, creating 2 or more mappings with the Condition 'Product Types equals Earring' would not work for you, as it can be added only once. In such cases, you might consider adding tags to your Shopify product pages to create Collections. They might be 'Gold' and 'Silver' in the case of Jewelry. So, the correct mappings here might be 'Product Type equals Earring AND Collection equals Gold', 'Product Type equals Earring AND Collection equal Silver'. The same might be added for rings, necklaces, and bracelets. This is an example of Jewelry. Depending on what products you want to sell on Etsy, Product Types, Collections, tags, and sets of conditions will vary.

In the next step, you can select the Etsy category where the products will be sold. 

If the products you sell have variations, you can set them here. Please note that Etsy does not allow adding more than 2 variation options. To add more than one option, click the "Add value" button.

  • Variation Theme — indicates the Etsy options with variations. If the variation option you want to add is missing from the list, you can select the "Custom Property" option.
  • Variation Option — indicates the Shopify variation option that will be mapped to the selected Variation Theme.

After you are done with the mapping, click the "Add mapping" button, and then, go back to the top of the page to save the whole Creation profile. 

Assign the Creation profile to the Selling List

After you add the Creation profile, go to Selling List settings (Salestio > Selling Lists > click Edit on the Selling List) and enable product creation. Here you will be able to assign the Creation profile. 

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