Shipping Mapping [Amazon]

Amazon Shipping Mapping is the functionality of Salestio, which allows merchants to define a custom connection between Amazon Shipping names, Shopify Shipping Name, Carrier Codes, and Amazon tracking company. Its main purpose is to give you the possibility to customize the way of importing Products to Shopify and how the Shipping is transferred to Amazon.

Shipping Mapping

Shipping Mapping, if you have already added one, can be found at Profiles>Shipping Mapping.

To create it, please click on the button "Add Shipping"

- In the Marketplace field, you may choose one of the available Amazon Marketplaces for which you would like to create Mapping. 

- Default Shipping Name is the name of Shipping imported to the Shopify platform for any order from the marketplace.

- Default Carrier Code is the carrier code, that is imported to Shopify Order. It is not the same as the Shipping Name. A default Carrier Code is needed for Fulfilment software and tracking data.

The Сarrier Сode, which is a unique identifier for the shipping company responsible for delivering the package, is displayed as "Service" on the Amazon order. This information is crucial for both the seller and the buyer to track the progress of the shipment accurately. Therefore, the clear display of the carrier code as "Service" plays a vital role in ensuring smooth and efficient order fulfillment.

- Default Tracking Company is information about Amazon support Tracking Company, that will be transferred to Amazon together with the order shipping tracking code.

You can also add a more detailed mapping between Amazon shipping and Shopify shipping by clicking on the "Add mapping" button.

You can also manage or add multiple mapping options for a single marketplace. That will change data that would be transferred differently to Shopify and Amazon.


We need to create new French Shipping Mapping. For the French zone, we may use default Mapping Details, so we choose Marketplace as "France", then Default Shipping Name.

It is necessary to use  "Parcelforce" shipping name and “extress_parcelforce” as Carrier Code in a French zone.

Just after that, we fill in the Default Carrier Code field with "extress_parcelforce", and the Default Tracking Company with "Parcelforce".For additional data we need to use Amazon Shipping “Std FR Dom_2”  DPD, and for “Std FR Int_1” we need to use “GLS” shipping.

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