Sync eBay listings to Shopify during Onboarding

Salestio gives you an easy way to connect your Shopify products to eBay listings from your account. All you need to do is just follow a couple of steps to get everything up and running. 

When you start with Salestio, you are asked to select the default integration. This is a default integration. It means that you still have access to both integrations but the one you choose is displayed every time you open Salestio.
Note! You can change the default integration later in the Salestio Settings. 

  1. Select "eBay" as a default integration when you open Salestio for the first time

  2. Right after that, you will be redirected to the Add your eBay account page. Put the preferred name, and select the Region and marketplace(s). Then, click the Add Account button.

  3. You will be redirected to your eBay account to confirm Salestio permissions. Make sure to log in to your account, and agree to share the needed permissions.

  4. When the eBay account is connected to Salestio, the app will suggest you download eBay Inventory and connect to existing Shopify products. You can do it right away, or you can also do it any time later from the Inventory tab. 
    Please note that the products will be connected by corresponding SKUs on both platforms. If Shopify products and eBay listings have variations, the number of variations and their labels should correspond.

  5. After you click the Start Import button, Salestio will start pulling the products from the eBay Inventory. It will automatically create the Selling List in Salestio with the default Global and eBay profiles. 

    Once the process is complete, the products will be displayed in the Selling List as Linked. It means that the connection between Shopify products and eBay listings is established. Next time you update the price and/or quantities on Shopify, the changes will be synced to eBay.

    Note! If you want to sync only prices or only stock, you can configure it in the Salestio Settings. You can disable price or stock synchronization.

  6. If you would like to immediately sync prices and stock without waiting until they are updated in Shopify, you can synchronize stock and prices right from the Selling List. To do so, select the whole Selling List or just the needed products, click "More Actions" and select the "Revise Quick" action.
    The status will change to Pending. Give Salestio a couple of mins, and the statuses will change back to Linked. Then, you can go to your eBay account and see that the prices and stock are updated. 

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