Business Policies are required [ERROR]

When you create a new Selling List in Salestio Shopify eBay Integration, you should add Business Policies. Business Policies include Shipping, Payment, and Return Policies that you present to your buyers.

Business Policies should be created on your eBay account for the specific marketplace. Then, they can be selected in Salestio.

Here is an example of the error you might receive when trying to save the Selling List without Business Policies. 


  • Business Policies become available to select after you select your eBay account and preferred marketplace
  • Salestio supports selecting Business Policy in the Selling List. Creating new policies and editing existing ones is not supported. 
  • If you want to modify or add any of the Business Policies, you should o to your eBay account, and do it from there.
  • If you have set up Business Policies already, but can't see them in the list, click "Refresh Business Policies" button. New entries will appear in the drop-down.

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