Issues with connecting Amazon account

To successfully connected Shopify and Amazon, you should add your Seller Central account to Salestio. You can find the complete and detailed instructions on how to do so by following this link

However, sometimes you might encounter various issues when adding your account. This article describes the main issues and how to resolve them.

To verify the account, try listing a product directly through Seller Central:

If Amazon needs any additional information, a prompt will appear.

If any issues appear after confirmation on Seller Central, please try the steps below.

No redirection to Amazon website

Some browsers block redirects, so the app cannot open the Amazon website. If you don't see a Seller Central Sign-In page after clicking "Add Account", a window will appear:

Click "Log in to Amazon and give access to the application". Follow the instruction from Amazon, return to this page and click the "Ok" button to finish adding the account.

Amazon Pay instead of Seller Central account

Sometimes, you can log in and confirm Salestio permissions with your Amazon Pay account. Please note, that the Seller Central account is different from Amazon pay. If you connect your Amazon Pay account instead of Seller Central, it will result in validation errors because Salestio is not able to receive any marketplace information from Amazon Pay, and therefore, create the connection from Shopify to Seller Central. 

So, when you add your account to Salestio, make sure to log in to the Seller Central account. The website is The permissions should be confirmed right on this site. 

Amazon’s Individual selling account instead of a Professional one

Depending on your activity and monthly sales, you might want to use the Individual selling plan from Amazon instead of the Professional one.

Unfortunately, the Individual selling plan is not supported by the Salestio app. To be able to use Salestio, you should have a Professional selling account. 

Amazon account is Invalid

To properly work with Salestio, your Seller Central account should be Valid and the status of the listings should be Active.

If you previously created your account by did not use it for some time, Amazon might want to receive additional validation from you. If you have just confirmed the validation or created the account, Amazon might need a couple of days to confirm that you can now sell on Amazon. All this information can be checked in your Seller Central.

To check the account status, please navigate to Seller Central on your Amazon marketplace and check your seller status (Settings > Account Info). 

Inactive marketplaces selected in Salestio

In most cases, it will not prevent you from adding your Seller Central account to Salestio but it can generate various synchronization issues in the future. When you add your account to Salestio, make sure to select only those marketplaces that are activated as Your Services on your Seller Central account. 


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