Resolve Errors on suppressed products listed previously on Amazon

Previously added products to Seller Central are still inactive even after I connected them with Salestio. Why?

Creation profiles that are described in this article are temporarily unavailable. We are working hard to provide the best experience, so, for now, creating new listings using Seller Central UI is advised.

Most likely, when you connected the products through Salestio, you did not add any additional information about the products. That is why the errors previously displayed on the products in Seller Central are still relevant. 

Salestio supports both cases — connect to existing Amazon listings and create new ASINs.

  • You probably used the first case in Salestio (configure Global and Amazon profiles, send listings with the Selling LIsts)
  • When you need to add extra information about the products, you need to use the second case — the Creation of new ASINs. It includes a couple of extra steps. 
  • You need to add the Creation Profile for the specific marketplaces and product types and configure the Amazon profile to create new listings.

If you have a GTIN exemption, you need to activate it in the Amazon profile
After you add a Creation profile, you should configure the Amazon profile to allow product creation and use GTIN exemption. If your products have variations, you should also check "Allow variations".

We have a case study on how to publish new listings without barcodes in the Clothing category. It includes all steps needed to do so. You can check it by following this link

Since the products have already been added to your Seller Central account but are suppressed, there are 2 options to fix them.

  1. Add the missing information directly to your Seller Central. It will activate the products. You will use Salestio to sync product prices and quantities. This solution will work if there are not many products that need to be modified. 
  2. Send the missing information with the Creation Profile in Salestio. In this case, Salestio will overwrite the currently added values to the products. So, you will need to add to the Creation Profile not only the missing product information like Country of Origin and other fields but also all other required fields that might have already been added to your products like Age Range and Gender, for example. 

    In this case, you will also need to configure the Amazon profile to allow product creation as we mentioned above. 

    When Creation and Amazon profiles are configured, you will need to send the products to Amazon one more time. 

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