Etsy Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to get a quick overview of the status of your Shopify Etsy integration and verify the latest Etsy orders. 

Additionally, it gives quick access to the links to add Etsy accounts.

Salestio with Etsy

This block gives you a quick overview of current features added to the Etsy Integration and what's coming next.

Switching to the next tab gives you quick access to add your Etsy account and start using Salestio.

Latest Etsy Orders

The list of the 5 most recent Etsy orders with the current statuses is located at the top left part of the screen. Click on the 'View all' link gives quick access to a full list of all orders.

You can find the following information in the right column:

User Status
  • Products — number of products available inside Salestio. Please note here you can find not only products downloaded from the Shopify store but also the listings not connected from all including Amazon, eBay, and Etsy integrations. Please also take a look at the 'Last update' information that shows when the last update happened.
  • Etsy accounts — the number of Etsy accounts added to Salestio. Here you can also find the button to create a new connection to the Etsy account.
Subscription Status

Block with subscription status shows the information about the current subscription package and stats related to products and sales. 

Here you can change your subscription package anytime by clicking the "Change Subscription" button. 

For development stores, you will automatically receive a Free package that doesn't include limitations.

Help Center

The section gives you quick access to the list of available documentation and videos. Here you can also open the form to submit a support ticket.

Latest unseen logs

This block shows a list of log entries not viewed before. This section outputs only warning and higher log records. The date and type of the log entry are also displayed here. To mark the log message as viewed, simply click the crossed eye icon, and the entry will disappear from the Dashboard. You will still be able to find it on the Logs page.

All other records will be shown when you click the 'View all' link. You can also access the list of all available log entries sorted by time. So, you can view the logs for the listings and orders.

Latest automatic Jobs

This block includes combined information for all integrations added to Salestio.

For example, if you also use Amazon integration from Salestio, Amazon jobs are also displayed here.

This block shows the list of the latest jobs and their current status.

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