eBay Inventory

eBay Inventory is located under the Inventory tab from the main Salestio navigation. Salestio will be able to pull the Inventory from the eBay account after you connect your account to Salestio.

Here you can run a search against product title, view product stock and price, check the status and the start date of the listing.

Inventory Download

Salestio pulls the Inventory once every 24 hours. However, you can download the inventory from your eBay account manually. To do so, please navigate to the Inventory tab in Salestio and click the 'Download eBay Inventory' button in the top right corner of the page. 

You will be presented with a simple form to select the needed eBay account and click the Download button. 

Please give our app some time, and your current eBay listing will appear under the Inventory tab in Salestio. 

Sync inventory

Sellers that are already active on eBay might want to link their Shopify products with existing eBay listings. This will allow for managing stock, prices, and updating product information.

Products currently in "Not Active" status in Selling Lists can be connected on the Inventory tab. Click "Sync Inventories with selling products", select an eBay account, and give the app a few minutes. Salestio will find eBay products with SKUs matching Shopify products. Any matching products in the "Not Active" status will change to "Active".

It is possible to pick products one by one. Click "Move to Selling List", select the list, and click "Add". Check if the item status is changed to "Active".

We suggest running the "Revise Quick" action once for newly connected products. This will perform an initial sync for quantity and prices, preventing any future conflicts between platforms.

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