Business Policies

When you create a new Selling List in Salestio, you should add Business Policies. Business Policies include Shipping, Payment, and Return Policies that you present to your buyers.

  • Payment Policy is where you specify the payment methods that buyers can use to pay for your products. It allows using only the payment methods offered at eBay checkout. You can set if immediate payment is required when a buyer uses Buy It Now.
  • Shipping Policy includes the shipping services for both domestic and international shipping, handling time, shipping rates, excluded shipping locations. The seller should provide the shipping using the shipping service the buyer selected at checkout.
  • Return Policy defines whether you accept returns, within how many days, and who pays for the returned shipping — you or a buyer. 

Salestio supports selecting Business Policy in the Selling List. Creating new policies and editing existing ones is not support at the moment. If you want to make modify any of the Business Policies, you should o to your eBay account, and do it from there.

To access Business Policies, go to Account Settings > Selling > Business Policies. The first time you open this section from your Account Settings, you will see a screen like this:

You should click the ‘Get started’ button, and it will take you to the page where you can manage all your Business Policies. Here you can view, edit, delete, clean up (remove unneeded policies, or add details to existing policies). You can also view how many listings this or that policy is in use. When you go to the specific policy, you can also set it as default.

What’s great on eBay, is that if you make changes to any of the policies from here, the changes will apply to all listings that use this policy. So, there is no need for you to go to each listing and make the updates.

Business Policies are defined by marketplaces. If you would like to create a policy for the local marketplace, you should go to the local eBay site and your listings or policies right from the local site. If you add a new listing or a new policy on the international eBay site, Business Policies will be available for the international site as well. They will not be displayed on the local eBay sites.

You can also create a new policy when you create a new eBay listing directly on your eBay account. When you fulfill the Selling details block of a new eBay listing, you should add Business Policies — Payment Policy, Shipping Policy, Return Policy. They are automatically added to the list of your Business Policies.

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