Selling Lists Overview [eBay]

A Selling List is a group of products connected by the same eBay account, the same eBay marketplace, the same set of Business Policies, and using the same set of Profiles and Description Template.

Selling Lists allow you to organize products that you would like to export to the eBay marketplace. It is based on your needs and various settings.

You can find a list of all available “Selling Lists” under the Selling Lists menu.

To start eBay sales, you will need to create a new Selling List. Click the 'Add Selling List' button to start creating a new product group. This group will be connected and exported to eBay.The list of the created Selling Lists is displayed under the Selling Lists menu item in Salestio Navigation.

On this page, you can find the following elements:

  • Name of Selling List — the name of the Selling list, needed to identify the Selling list among other lists
  • Account — an eBay account connected to the specific selling list
  • Marketplace — an eBay marketplace connected to the selling list
  • Mode — defines how products are populated into the Selling List
    • Collections — one or multiple Shopify collections connected to the Selling Lists. All products from these collections will be added to the selling list. When new items are added to the selected collections, these items can be automatically added to the list and exported to eBay. It depends on what was set when the Selling List was created
    • Product — one or multiple Shopify products can be added to the Selling List manually by selecting needed products.
  • Config — configuration combination set for the Selling List. It includes consists of a Global Profile. This configuration is required to set rules for exporting pricing and QTY
  • List of assigned collections (only in Collections mode) — the collections added to the Selling List. It is the 'eBay Listings' collection on this screenshot.
  • Product statistics and the latest log entries — the number of products that are currently active, pending, or stopped in every selling list. If new warnings in the log entries related to the selling list appear, they will also be displayed here
  • Edit — edit the configuration of the Selling List
  • View — view and edit the products added to the Selling List, run eBay-related actions (manage Selling List)
  • Logs — check operation logs related to the products from the selected Selling List

Bulk actions

By selecting one or a few Selling Lists, it is possible to run bulk operations with the selected elements.

  • Send to eBay — sends to eBay all products from the selected Selling Lists, that have not yet been exported to eBay. The operation can be performed only with 'Not Active', 'Stopped', or 'Error' Items.
  • Relist — relists (re-send/restart) selected products on the eBay site. The operation can be performed only with 'Stopped' items.
  • Full Revise — updates all information about the eBay items (including description, payment/shipping methods, etc)
  • Revise QTY — schedules QTY updated for all products from the selected Selling Lists. This action can be set for the products that are linked to the eBay items, and do not wait for the completion of the scheduled operations
  • Revise Quick — updates only information about QTY & Price
  • Revise Price — same as above but only for the Price. Please note if there has already been the active job of QTY update, the item will be skipped
  • Stop listing — sends QTY equals 0 for all products that are linked to the eBay items and don't have scheduled operation
  • Stop & Remove — sends QTY equals 0 for the active eBay items. After this operation is completed, items from the Selling List, and then the Selling List is removed. Please note this operation can't be undone.

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