Description Template

Salestio allows creating an advanced Description Template for eBay Items. Description Template in Salestio is a way to set a custom template for the eBay Item Description. Description Template is required to create a Selling List and send your Shopify products to eBay.

To access existing Description Templates and create new ones, navigate to the Profiles tab from the application menu, and select the Description Templates subtab. Click the 'Add Description template' button to create a new template.

Start creating your own Description Template by giving a name to the Description template. This is for internal use, so select anything that would be descriptive for you, and will differentiate this template from other Description Templates.

The next step is to actually set the values to your Custom Description Template. It is a text area that contains a description code that Salestio transfers to eBay. It can also contain HTML or be shown as a visual template representation. The text block is a regular text editor that allows formating the text as you wish.

What might also be useful is the 'Toggle Editor' button. It activates and deactivates the visual editor mode for a custom template. When the editor is disabled, you have more flexibility to customize descriptions according to your needs. However, this mode requires HTML knowledge.

NB! In Visual mode, the template can be shown incorrectly. Most of the external styles are not shown. And also visual editor can remove some parts of the template. If you are using complex templates for eBay, please avoid use Visual mode.

Salestio allows adding variables to your Description Template. You can do it by clicking the 'Insert Variable' button. It opens the drop-down box with a list of predefined variables. Every variable is replaced with corresponding data from the Shopify product. Available variables are Product Name, Product Description, Product qty, Product Price, Product Image. 

When all is set, click the 'Add' button to save the Description Template.

The first time you add your eBay account to Salestio, the default Description Template gets created for you. The only variables added to the default template are Product Name, Product Description, and Product Image. This is a simple template that can totally be used if you do not want to add anything else to the Item Description on eBay. You can modify this template, or create a new one if you want.

You can preview the Description template that defines the layout of the Item Description for the eBay listing.

To preview the output result, navigate to Profiles from the app menu, switch to the Description template tab, and select the template you want to preview. If you did not add any templates, only the Default template will be displayed. Open the template and click the Preview button in the bottom right corner of the page.

On the next page, you should click the 'Random Product' button. It will generate the preview with the random product from your Shopify store.

Here is an example of how it looks with our default Description template.

This is a great way to check if anything looks off if you added custom code, and custom details to the template. It is also useful to check and make sure that the image is of the proper size to be displayed on eBay.

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