eBay Accounts Overview

eBay Integration gives you the possibility to add multiple eBay accounts and manage them from a single interface. All eBay accounts added to Salestio are available under the Accounts overview page. When you first go to the Accounts page, you will see the screen offering you add eBay account.

After clicking the 'Add account' button, you will be redirected to the page to add your eBay account. It will create a connection between Salestio and eBay. To learn more on how to add an eBay account, check our article Adding eBay Account.

When your accounts are added to Salestio, they all will be displayed on the Accounts page.

For every available account, you will see:

  • Name of the account in Salestio. It can be different from the eBay account.
  • Mode: Sandbox or Live.
  • Account connection status. 

To view or edit account details, you should click on the account row. 

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