Stock in more than One Warehouse [Amazon]

Shopify allows setting up more than one warehouse location for your store. If this is your case, this article will be useful for you.

At the moment, Salestio does not differentiate between the various warehouses. It shows in the Selling List and sends to Amazon the sum of all stock that you have in your locations. For example, you have 10 items on Location 1 and 15 items on Location 2. In this case, Salestio will send to Amazon the sum of items in both warehouses which equals 25 here.

Warehouse Selection for the Imported Amazon Orders

When Salestio imports Amazon orders to Shopify orders, it suggests the location to fulfil the order. Please note that you will see the 'Change location' button only if there is a product stock on multiple locations. When you select 'Change location', Shopify might give you a warning not to select the location where the item is not in stock. 

Our application uses the following rules to show the location of order fulfilment.

  • The default Location is shown to fulfill the order. You can set the default Location in your Shopify store Settings.

    Shopify also allows selecting Fulfillment priority. If there are any changes, Salestio will follow these changes

  • If there is no stock on this location, another location will be shown on the Order Fulfillment page.

As Salestio does not perform any fulfillment, the possible Location is just displayed. You as a Shopify store owner, or any other fulfillment service that you use, can change the Location, and fulfill the order from whatever location you prefer.

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