Connect existing Amazon listings into Salestio

This article will guide you on how to connect existing Amazon listings to the products in the Shopify store.

This functionality can be used to move the control over the existing items on the Amazon marketplace to the Salestio application

The current approach to exporting Product items to Amazon is to create a Selling List inside Salestio, and then send this Selling List to Amazon.

Amazon is a catalog-based system where any product can be sold by multiple sellers. Therefore, the important job for Salestio is to make sure that no duplicated listings are created, and the Product from your Shopify store is connected to the same item on your Amazon Seller Central account on Amazon 

Let's look at this example.

We would like to export one item in Inventory with SKU: loafers-single-25

First of all, we need to make sure that we have this product in our Shopify store.

The most important is that the SKU and Barcode of this item are the same on Amazon. The title of this item on Shopify can be different from the one on Amazon.

The next step is to create a new Selling List in Salestio and add this product to it. Then select the item from the Selling List (or the whole List)  and click the ‘Send to Amazon’ button.

No duplicate listings will be created on the Amazon marketplace.

Important: Amazon item QTY & Price will be replaced with the value from your Shopify store.

After this operation is complete (~10-15 minutes usually), all future changes to this item in your Shopify store (like qty and price), will be mirrored to the Amazon marketplace. 

If you are selling on multiple marketplaces, then you will need to repeat this operation for every marketplace.

Connect to existing listings using ASINs

When the products you want to sell already exist in the Amazon catalog, you can skip adding EAN/UPCs as product identifiers to your Shopify products.

All you need to do is to click the 'Add ASIN' button below the Selling product status in the Selling List in Salestio.


Then you should enter the ASIN code of the needed product in the pop-up window. This might be tremendously useful when the Shopify product is connected to more than one ASIN on Amazon.

After that, you can simply send Selling Products to Amazon as usual. When the product is in the Pending Linking or Linked status, the added ASIN code is displayed below each variation for the product with variations.

ASINs on Variations

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