Amazon listings with variations

Salestio — Shopify Amazon Integration supports different ways to manage Amazon listings with variations. 

If amazon already knows about your product and this product already exists on the amazon catalog, managing variation listings will happen automatically when you click on the "Send" button. 

As soon as you add your products to Selling Lists, Salestio recognizes your variation options and creates corresponding records in this table. 

For every available variation, you will see a separate badge related to its status on the amazon marketplace.

This helps the article cover case when the product does not exist on amazon and you need to create new listings with variation details.

At first step please check our guide on how to create new Amazon ASIN codes —

As soon as you create "Creation Profile" and start connecting your Shopify products to amazon categories, you will need to define how various data is transferred from your Shopify product to Amazon listings. 

Depending on the selected amazon category, department, and product type, you have a limited number of options for possible variations.

After you choose the department, where you would like to sell your product, you will get access to a few fields related to variation options

The first, important option is "Variation Theme". This theme defines a possible list of options available on amazon for your product. Examples values: Color, Size, ColorSize.

With a selection of Color, you will have a single option Color provided for your product. Selecting "ColorSize" gives you two options - Color & Size. 

Very often amazon supports not more than two possible variations options. If your Shopify product has more options, the product needs to be adjusted to match selection on amazon or verify that extra options are not available more than once. 

Togher with a selection of Variation Themes, you also need to create a connection between various options in Amazon and various options available in your Shopify store. 

In the above example together with the selection of Variation Theme: Color, also selected single "Product option: Color". This option will be transferred to the amazon variation option "Color". And this option will be recognized because of the selection corresponding Variation Theme. 

If Variation Theme selected as ColorSize, then it required a select option not only for Color but also for size. 

When all connection added "Creation Profile" and it saved, it also required to adjust Amazon Profile to activate mode where "Variation information" is transferred to amazon. 

Please keep in mind that the "Allow variation" mode is working only in combination with "Product Creation" and with a selected "Creation Profile". 

If you didn't select this option then all variations will be exported to amazon as separate products. With the option, the activation application will transfer to the amazon relation feed by providing a connection between product variation SKUs and options. 

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