Invalid Input Data for product feed. Valid Product Identification was not provided

Error "Invalid Input Data for product feed. Valid Product Identification was not provided"
The error indicated that amazon service can't found a product barcode inside of your export feed.
For exporting products to amazon, our Salestio will try to match your store products to amazon marketplace items. Amazon is a catalog-based marketplace, where every item presents only once. For most of the products there already the corresponding item exists on amazon. And the goal of our application makes this connection.
Matching between your store products and amazon items happens using a barcode. Amazon supports multiple types of barcodes.
It's EAN, UPC, or ASIN code (amazon standard identifier).
Inside Shopify you can insert a barcode on the product edit page:

For example barcode "4051709043993" connected to amazon item —
If you don't know barcodes for your products, but you know where it located on amazon, you can fetch an EAN code from a third party service.
For example. Product on amazon DE —
ASIN code here — B07HHYCY2K
Using one of available tools on amazon will give us this results:
UPC: 604007623479
EAN: 0604007623479
Another possibility to export products without barcodes it's applying for GTIN exemption on the amazon marketplace. It's could be a little bit tricky, and required communication with amazon support.
Please check this amazon help article for more details —
Also please check this article on amazon marketplace with information on how to find product identifier —

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