Amazon Order Details in Salestio

Amazon orders imported into Salestio are displayed under the Orders tab. All orders are displayed as a list. To view the details of any order just click on the order row.

A new page will show you an overview of all Amazon Order details. The data displayed on the order page are very similar to the data that are shown on the Shopify Orders page.

  • Order Details  — located in the top right corner of the page. This block shows general information about the Amazon order. It includes marketplace, account, time of sale, and last time when the order was updated. It also includes the Fulfilment channel connected to this order. 
    • Fulfillment channel MFN — Merchant-fulfilled Network
    • Fulfillment channel AFN — Amazon-fulfilled network 
    • Created in Shopify — if the order is already in your store, you can see its ID here. Click it to view the Shopify order. If the order was not created, try checking the logs to see the reason. After resolving the issue, an "Export" button will appear here. Click it to create the order in Shopify.
  • Customer — information about the customer who placed an Amazon order. It includes name, email, billing, and shipping address. Please note in most cases Amazon doesn’t show you private customer email. Instead, it shows the Amazon email address assigned to the customer and order.
  • Order number — shown as a header on the page. It is the Amazon order number that you can use for further tracking of the Amazon order.
  • Order Items — located below the order number and shows products in the orders. In addition to the title, every ordered item includes an ASIN number, SKU code. It also shows the information about purchased QTY, Price, and total purchase cost for every position.
  • Order Status & Order Total — output the current status of the Amazon order. It also includes product cost, shipping cost, taxes if available. Possible statuses:
    • Paid — order is paid on Amazon and the order can be fulfilled
    • Shipped — order is shipped to the customer 
    • Incomplete — order is not yet complete on Amazon, you should wait for the shipment of the order before it gets finalized and paid on Amazon
    • Refunded — order is canceled/refunded
    • Partially Shipped — order contains multiple items, some of the items have not yet been shipped
  • Logs — shows detailed logs related to the Amazon order import into Salestio and orders import into the Shopify Order section (if applicable). The order statuses are separated by the date when the action happens.

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