Creating Amazon Orders In Shopify

After the Amazon account is added to Salestio, it starts importing Amazon orders.

If imported orders cannot be added to Shopify orders for some reason, these Amazon orders will still be available under the Orders tab in Salestio. Possible reasons why an Amazon order is not created in Shopify will be discussed below.

The scheme below describes the main points of how Amazon orders get imported to Shopify orders.

Salestio Settings allow importing Amazon orders by default. If you would like to skip importing Amazon orders to Shopify, you should disable this functionality in Salestio Settings.

Amazon orders can be fulfilled by Amazon, or by a merchant. Only those orders which are fulfilled by a merchant will be imported to the Shopify orders. You can find the fulfillment method of the Amazon order in Order details on the Order page in Salestio.

Then Salestio looks for the product that has a corresponding SKU in your Shopify store. If such a product is found, then a Shopify order can be created.

If SKUs do not match, the app will look for a matching title and variation labels. For example:

Imported product: “T-Shirt: Size XL”

Shopify: “T-Shirt”, Options: Size: XL, XXL”

For the cases where the SKUs do not match, an SKU mapping table can be applied (where a specific Amazon SKU is matched to a different SKU in Shopify). Please contact our Customer Service to set it up for your store.

There might be some cases when a Shopify order is not created. For example, if stock is 0 for the item from the orders. It is possible to manually force order creation for cases like this.

To do so, open the Order page in Salestio, and click the 'Export' icon in the Order Details block. Give Salestio about 10 mins. This order should appear in Shopify orders.

Please note, this button will not be available if the product SKU was updated after the order was created in Salestio. In such cases, please contact our Customer Service, and we will help to resolve this issue.

To successfully import Amazon orders into Shopify Orders, the items from the orders should be in stock in Shopify. If the item is out of stock, Salestio is not able to create this order in Shopify.

You can check the information about the not imported order under the Orders tab in Salestio. You should open this order page, and check the details. If the item is not in stock, an error like this "Unable to reserve inventory" will be displayed.

To resolve this error, you should update the stock for this product in the Shopify store. Then you should open this order in Salestio. On the top right corner of the page, there should be the Order details block. There you will see the Export button. You should click this button and the order will be exported to the Shopify Orders. Give Salestio about 5 to 10 mins, and check if it is displayed under Shopify Orders.

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