Statistics section

This section display information about current ebay listings, products that could be sent to ebay, and the number of products locked due to Flash Tasks.

  • Active ebay Listings — number of listings having status “Active” and available on ebay
  • Ready to List — listings that have the status “Not Active” and could be listed on ebay
  • Ready to Relist — all products that currently have the status “Stopped” and could be “Relisted” to ebay
  • Pending State — number of listings locked due to working “Flash Task”.

Buttons on the bottom allow you to manipulate with every listing in this group.

  • Stop Active — will stop all active ebay listings
  • Relist Finished — relist all items eligible for relisting.
  • Revise (Quick/Full) — do revise for all “Active” ebay listings
  • List “Not Active” — send to ebay all listings that currently “Not Active”

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