About Selling List

Selling list — group PrestaShop products create using one of created “Selling Profile” and with one single Language.

All available “Selling Lists” available throw menu Catalog->eBay->Selling List

 PrestaShop ebay module — Selling List

Control elements available on this page:

  • New List — create new Selling List
  • Selling Profiles — navigate to Selling Profiles list
  • Items Log — combined log for all operations with ebay items listed via PrestaBay module (please check part of manually connected to Logs)
  • Listed Products — information about listed PrestaShop products in the module.
  • Flash Task — ultra-fast operations that could be performed with multiple Selling Lists and all products in it. Please check part of manually connected to “Flash Tasks”

Grid level control elements:

  • Edit — check and manage the content of the Selling List. This includes operation with ebay listings, adding/removing products, etc
  • View Log — view items log for selecting Selling List

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