Catalog Synchronizations Options

This section contains all synchronization tasks connected to PrestaShop catalog synchronization with ebay store.

Following configuration options available:

  • Sync eBay and PrestaShop Store QTY — all QTY changes into the PrestaShop store will be applied to connected eBay items. If ebay "Order Import" functionality is deactivated this option will also update PrestaShop product QTY after ebay sale.
  • Keep Listing Active While QTY Available — automatically "Relist" finished ebay listings if  PrestaShop Product is "In Stock". Also "Relist" items when PrestaShop products back "In Stock".  
  • Stop Listing when Stock Level Become 0 — stop all connected ebay items as soon as PrestaShop Product will become "Out-of-Stock".
  • Out-of-Stock Control — special ebay functionality that allows a GTC eBay listing to remain open at eBay even when is zero quantity remaining. The option also should be activated on the ebay account. More details you can read at ebay documentation. Please notice “Stock Synchronization” or “Auto-Stop” task should be enabled.
  • Sync Store => eBay Price — automatically revise all connected eBay items when PrestaShop Product has been changed.
  • Add New Product to Category — all new products created in PrestaShop will be automatically added to corresponding Selling Lists and also listed on eBay (will apply only for Selling Lists with "Category" mode).
  • List 'Not Active' In Stock products — all Selling List items that have the status “Not Active” will be automatically listed on ebay. Please notice this could slow down PrestaShop store performance.

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