Assign Licenses

Salestio currently supports multiple integrations and for each of them, it's possible to assign a license via the partner dashboard.

Currently supported integration:

  • Shopify
  • Bigcommerce
  • Shopware
  • PrestaShop

Depending on your license plan, you have a different number of licenses you can assign. To add the license to a new store, go to Partner Portal > Licenses.

If you have not yet added any licenses, no activated domains will be displayed here. Click the Add License button to assign a license to a new store. 

There you will need to add the store domain and select the e-commerce platform where the store is located. Click another Add License button. You will be redirected to the respective platform to assign the license. 

All added licenses will be displayed on the Licenses page. There you can find the following data: Store domain, Platform, Status and Valid Till date.

You have already requested the license creation, you might see the following screen. 

This screen indicates that the assigning of the license is in process, and the license will be added soon. 

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