Frequently Asked Questions

How often does your app sync inventory?

When the connection between BigCommerce and Amazon products is established, Salestio updates stock and prices on Amazon right after they are updated in BigCommerce.
It might take 10-15 minutes to process the changes.
Please note that the synchronization happens in one direction — from BigCommerce to Amazon.

Does the product SKU import on the order?

Salestio displays the SKU of the imported product when this product is found in BigCommerce. If the product from the order does not exist in BigCommerce (or the product SKU is not the same as on Amazon), Salestio is not able to display the SKU of such products.

Do you show taxes on the imported orders?

When an order from Amazon is imported, Salestio displays the tax the way it is set on Amazon.

How does the sales tax not calculate with BC as this is already being done through Amazon, so we are not taxed twice for the sale?

If the tax has already been applied on Amazon, it will not be calculated in BigCommerce. So, the tax should not be calculated twice.

Why SKU is not displayed for the imported Amazon orders.

Sometimes, you might notice that there is no SKU on the imported Amazon order in BigCommerce. It might happen when the product does not exist in BigCommerce. It means that Salestio cannot find an SKU associated with the product from the order. 

When I try to connect my Amazon account, I get the message "Invalid Account Details". How to fix it?

To use Salestio, you need to have a Professional Seller Central account. Please check on your Seller Central if your account is active and valid. If it is so, please try connecting your account to Salestio one more time. Make sure to log in to the correct Seller Central account in case you have multiple accounts. The marketplace that you selected in Salestio should be active on your Seller Central account.

Can I customize QTY and prices sent to Amazon?

In Salestio, you can set the price ratio. For the price to be higher than in BigCommerce, it should be more than 1. If you want to make a discount on some products the price ratio should be less than 1. With "No more" value for the stock, you can limit the quantity that will be sent to Amazon. For example, if you set it to 1, then only 1 will be sent to Amazon if the quantity in BigCommerce is 1 and more. If the quantity is 0 (which is less than 1), then 0 will be sent to Amazon.

Can I add a custom field to my BigCommerce products that contain the Amazon ASIN?

In Salestio, you can add ASINs to your BigCommerce products right in the Selling List.
To do so, go to Salestio > Selling Lists, and open the Selling List with the needed product.
Then, locate the product and click "Add ASIN".

Does the monthly sales volume for pricing only include sales from Amazon, or does it include the main Big Commerce store as well?

We calculate Sales volume only for connected amazon accounts. Sales volume for your Bigcommerce is not counted and not calculated.

Does Salestio support FBA (fulfilled by Amazon orders)?

By default, Salestio does not import FBA orders to Shopify orders. At the same time, you can still see these orders in Salestio.

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