Activate Trial and Subscription

Salestio — Amazon Integration use a stripe payment system for trial activation and subscription handling.

In order to use our application, you need to choose one available billing packages and provide payment details. 

For new customers, we offer free 30 days trial version without any limitations.

Please follow our steps to activate the trial and start a subscription

1) From the application dashboard please click on the "Choose Package" button

2) On the next page please choose one of the packages based on your amazon sales

3) On the following page please provide billing details. If your company is located in the EU area, please enter your VAT number. These billing details and VAT will be used for the creation of invoices

4) After confirmation please follow Stripe hints for a finished subscription

5) After finishing subscription activation, please refresh the page inside the Salestio — Amazon application to see the subscription details.

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