Information about dashboard

The dashboard allows you to get a quick overview of the status of your Amazon integration, check listings states, verify the latest amazon orders. 

Additionally, it provides quick access to a creative form of general resources like amazon accounts, amazon profiles, global profiles, and selling lists.

Latest Amazon Orders

On the top left part of the screen located a list of the latest 5 amazon orders with the current status of these orders. From this page, it's also possible to get quick access to a full list of all orders.

Listing statistic block

Bellow section with orders, you can find listing statistic blocks. That include

  • Listings on Amazon — number of currently active amazon listings. This means that the product is linked to amazon item and have a positive stock and don't have an active pending operation
  • Ready to Send — number of listings that are ready to be linked to amazon items. This number represents items not linked inside Selling Lists. 
  • Pending — number of listings waiting for the finishing of amazon operations like update qty, update the price, or stop. 
  • Inactive — number of listings that were linked to amazon listings, but currently don't have stock due to 0 QTY in your store or stopped state

On the right column you can find the following information:

User Status

  • Products — number of products available inside Salestio. Please notice here you can see not only products downloaded from your store but also not connected listings from all included amazon integrations. Please also take a look at the 'Last update' information that shown when happens the last update of details for products, collections from your store.
  • Amazon accounts — the number of amazon accounts added to Salestio. Here you also could find the button to create a new connection to the amazon account.
  • Selling lists — total number of selling lists created inside Salestio. On the right side, you can find the button for adding a new selling list
  • Amazon profiles — the total amount of amazon profiles (amazon specific configuration) created inside the application together with a button for creating a new amazon profile
  • Global profiles — the total amount of global profiles (qty & price-related configuration) available in Salestio. Button for creating a new global profile is also available here

Subscription Status

Block with subscription status output information about current subscription package and stats related to products and sales. 

From this block, you can anytime change your subscription package by click on the button "Change Subscription". 

Help Center

The section gives you quick access to a list of available documentation and video and also an open form for submitting a support ticket.

Latest unseen logs

Show a list of logs entry not seen before. This section outputs only warning and higher logs records. If you get info records it will be not shown. At the same time, you can access a list of all available logs entry sorted by time. So you will have all control of your listings and orders.

Latest automatic Jobs

Show the list of the latest amazon jobs and their current status. After adding a new amazon account, Salestio will schedule fetching of the amazon inventory report every 15 minutes. Also when operations like product send or update happen, it will be shown on this list. 

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