Amazon Profiles

Amazon Profile contains settings related to amazon connection.  For creating a new Amazon Profile inside your Bigcommerce application, navigate to the menu "Profiles", switch to tab "Amazon Profiles" and click on the button "Add Amazon Profile"

  • Name — the name of Amazon profile and how it will be represented across Salestio amazon integration. Please enter a name that could help identify this amazon profile across others. A couple of examples:  "Same day dispatch", "DE 3 days dispatch".
  • Marketplace Mode — the model used for the Amazon profile.
    • Any — target profile could be applied to any marketplace (not available with product creation mode)
    • Single — target profile could be applied to the selected marketplace only. Mode required for activation of ASIN creation mode and transferring marketplace-specific details. 
  • Marketplace — showed only with mode "Single" marketplace. Allow selecting one of the supported marketplaces where this Amazon Profile could be applied.
  • Fulfillment latency — the number of days between the order date and the ship date (time that will take you to process the order before shipping it). The value inside Profile allows rewrite value from the Amazon account
  • Allow Product creation  — allows creating new ASIN codes on the amazon marketplace by providing extra information to the listing

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