Amazon Orders overview in Salestio

Salestio — Amazon integration has a feature that allows you to track all your amazon sales and also import them directly to your platform Order section to process as a normal on-site sale.

A list of all Amazon Sales could be found at the main application menu “Orders”. 

Please notice that information here could be visible only if you add your amazon account to Salestio and if you have had sales on this account in the past two weeks.

If your amazon account includes orders it will be downloaded to Salestio and showed inside the Orders section of the application.

On this page, you can find the following information:

  • Amazon order identifier number following by update date for this order
  • Buyer Name — the name of the amazon order buyer
  • Order Cost — total cost for amazon order including shipping
  • Status — Status of amazon order. Status for order could be one of the following
    • Paid — order is paid on amazon and the order could be fulfilled
    • Shipped — order is shipped to the customer 
    • Incomplete — order is not yet complete on amazon, you should wait for the shipment of the order before it gets finalized and paid on amazon
    • Refunded — order is canceled/refunded
    • Partially Shipped — order contains multiple items, some of the items not yet shipped

To view details for Amazon orders imported into the application please click on the row contains this order. 

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