Amazon Inventory Overview

The Amazon Inventory page of the Salestio — Amazon integration application contains information about all amazon listings available for added account accounts.

To show amazon inventory please navigate to the menu "Inventory". 

If you add your Amazon account to the application, salestio will request and download an inventory report from the amazon account every 15 minutes. This also applies to QTY & Price changes for live amazon items.

When you just add a new account, please give salestio a little bit of time before the first items will become available here

As soon as your amazon inventory is downloaded, you can see inside your store a table with all inventory items available for all your amazon accounts.


  • Product — the name of an amazon item if an item as it is shown on the Amazon marketplace
  • Marketplace — amazon marketplace where an item is available 
  • Price — amazon item price. If you see price "0", most of all items it not fully finish the process of export, and amazon required additional details
  • SKU Number — amazon item SKU that will identify the item and use for connection between your store Products and Amazon items
  • ASIN — amazon item ASIN code with a link to the amazon page. Please notice, if item export is not completed page for an item could be not found
  • QTY — amazon item QTY available for purchase by the buyer
  • Status — amazon item status, available options “Inactive”, “Incomplete”, “Active”

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